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Travel Truck Bed And Tailgate Accessories

You can install hitch steps or bed steps on your truck to elevate the bed. The possibilities for truck bed accessories are endless. We carry hundreds of products from leading manufacturers. There are several types of accessories to choose from, including cargo nets, Stake pocket covers, Locks, and more.

XDP carries hundreds of the top manufacturers

When it comes to the truck bed and tailgate accessories, there are a ton of options to choose from. XDP carries products from hundreds of the leading manufacturers in the industry. You can find truck bed lighting, tire mounting options, and more from leading brands like Dorman Products, Titan, N-Fab, and ADD Offroad. Additionally, XDP carries hitch components from leading manufacturers like Dorman and Bed Protection and Storage by Bushwacker and Putco.

In addition to the truck bed and tailgate accessories, you can also find towing products from leading manufacturers like Gen-Y. These products come with pintle locks, ball mounts, and stabilizers to improve towing performance. They feature a durable powder-coated finish and a heavy-duty steel design.

Products: Cargo nets

Cargo nets for truck beds are a great accessory for protecting cargo during the drive. Whether you’re carrying groceries or camping gear, a cargo net will keep your belongings safe and secure. Some nets come with multiple pockets and tie-downs, and others can be customized to fit your needs.

Cargo nets for truck beds and tailgates offer a fast and convenient way to secure lightweight loads. They are made of heavy-duty UV-protected webbing that won’t rip during transport. They are easy to install, allowing you to quickly and easily cover items. They feature adjustable tension and multiple D-rings for extra security.

Cargo nets for truck beds and tailgates are available in many styles and materials. Many manufacturers make universal cargo nets that fit most vehicles. These nets are durable and fit snugly into the bed of your truck. They are also flexible and sturdy, and they won’t damage the truck bed.

Stake pocket covers

Stake pocket covers are an easy way to add storage and protection to your truck’s bed. They snap into place and are made of tough, durable material. The covers are available in sets of four and are made of high-impact plastic that is resilient and resistant to physical impact. This makes them a great choice for extreme conditions.

You can also add a locking tailgate to your truck to prevent theft. This accessory is easy to install with basic tools. It works with your backup camera and helps deter tailgate theft. Another popular accessory is the bed cap, which attaches to the bed rails and creates a barrier between the cargo and the bed. It also keeps moisture out of the bed.

These versatile accessories are ideal for truck owners who want to add style to their trucks. These durable covers will keep your cargo secure and prevent it from shifting during transport. They are also easy to install and require no drilling to install.


Locks for truck bed and tailgate can make a huge difference in the security of your vehicle. These locks can prevent thieves from stealing your truck’s bed contents and can even help keep your truck cap or tonneau cover in place. Many of these locks can be easily installed at home.

You may also want to purchase seals and locks for the tailgate. They can protect your truck bed from rust and damage. If you’re planning on hauling large objects, you can invest in a Lock for your tailgate. If you’re a new truck owner, you may want to choose locks that are designed for your truck’s brand and model.

If you don’t need to worry about the security of your tailgate or truck bed, consider installing a McGard tailgate lock. This product is compatible with most late-model trucks and provides 24-hour theft protection. Another good option is a Power Lock Conversion Kit for Truck Caps and Hard Tonneau Covers (PAL9772). This lock will give your truck a clean, keyless look.

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