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Tips For Buying a Convertible Car More Expensive and Limited

A CONVERTIBLE Car is a car that is convertible or can be driven with the roof on or off. The methods used to store or retract the roof vary by manufacturer and era. These convertibles are typically more expensive and limited in their seating capacity, but they still have some advantages. If you are considering buying one, here are some tips to help you decide whether it’s right for you.

Problems with retractable hardtops

One of the biggest disadvantages of convertible cars with retractable hardtops is the loss of trunk and passenger space. A hardtop commandeers a large part of the trunk, which is why some people have installed folding trunk wells. However, this will disable the mechanism that lowers the top.

Retractable hardtops on convertible cars are expensive to replace, and their folding mechanisms are very complicated. Retractable soft-top roofs are cheaper to replace, as their mechanisms are simpler to operate. Some people also prefer the contrasting look of a soft top.

Convertible tops can also have many mechanical problems, including sticking or slow movement. These issues can be caused by a weak lift cylinder or broken cable. Another possible cause is a malfunctioning electric motor.


Convertible cars have become increasingly rare in recent years due to increased cost and practicality. Convertibles also require more safety features. Since their roof is removable, they need special rollover bars and spring-loaded rollover systems. These features add to the overall cost of the car, and manufacturers pass on these costs to the buyer.

Car insurance rates for convertibles vary, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. The average cost is $950 per year for a car with regular insurance. But the rate can be much higher or lower depending on a driver’s age, location, and credit rating. In addition, the type of roof a convertible car has will impact the premium.

Seating limitations

Convertible cars have some unique seating limitations. For starters, most convertible seats are rear-facing only. That means that your child’s head must be within one inch of the top of the convertible seat shell. Rear-facing seats are a safer option for most children until they are three years old. Once your child reaches that age, it is safer to use a tethered forward-facing car seat.

Seating limitations in convertible cars can also vary between models. For example, the rear-facing seat is designed for newborns, but later on, a child can move forward in a booster seat if they have reached that age. In addition, a convertible seat may be forward-facing after the harness is removed.


Although convertible cars have many advantages over other types of cars, they can also be very unsafe. One of the biggest dangers associated with them is the possibility of rollover crashes. Only five percent of car crashes result in a rollover, but these accidents still account for an alarming amount of fatalities. Rollovers pose a great threat to passengers, who can easily be thrown from the seat. Even if you’re wearing a seat belt, you’re still at risk.

A recent study conducted by the IIHS found that convertibles are generally safer than non-convertible vehicles. Convertibles were involved in six percent fewer crashes, and drivers of convertibles were generally older and more cautious than drivers of fixed-roof vehicles.


Reliability of convertible cars varies widely. The most reliable cars are those with a long track record of delivering excellent performance and dependability. Convertible models typically have higher reliability than their hardtop counterparts. But it is important to keep a few things in mind before buying a convertible. First, check the manufacturer’s reputation for reliability. A high level of quality and attention to detail will increase the life expectancy of a convertible.

Convertible cars have more moving parts and require more maintenance and insurance. In addition, they often have a complex retractable hardtop.

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